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When your membership is approved your ad will appear on the first page of the website and linked to a full page web ad. With your username and password you can log in and upload up to 4 (four) photos, descriptions, links, cattery information and video to your online ad.

Your ad will also be listed by State and in our complete EgyptianMauBreed breeder's directory. Other benefits of membership are:

Kitten Posting Privileges to the over 1730 members of the Kittens Available Yahoo Group. This list is browsed by the whole Inernet and only members can post Egyptian Mau kittens and cats here.

Also available is Website Hosting and Domain Names for your cattery website. Just let us know the Domain Name of your choice ( for example) and we will reserve it for you. You will be the actual owner of the Domain Name and renewal will be included at no extra charge for as long as you are a member. All this is included with your membership dues of 19.99 USD a month.

Website hosting by The Exotic Cat Network will give you virtually unlmited webspace for your cattery website on our high speed server. Hosting includes both Frontpage and FTP Extensions, twenty-four hour toll free telephone support., and membership to our other Exotic Cat Network websites that you breed cats for

Toll Free Support Hot Line is: 1 877 572-8266

Experience . We have been designing, building and hosting cattery websites on the Exotic Cat Network since 1999. We are one of the founding breeders of the Savannah cat breed and have been breeding cats since 1991.

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